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Axwood Cosmetics

Leather - Eau de parfum (pre-order)

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Axwood's next fragrance is called Leather and is coming out in October!

Think of the comforting smell of an old leather satchel alongside sandalwood, black pepper, tobacco, and very light flowery notes. Perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. I created this fragrance as a love letter to leather lovers.

You can be one of the first VIPs to impress your friends by wearing Leather, which will be exclusive and unique.

I am an artisan perfumer. The first 20 bottles of each new fragrance costs about £350-£400 to develop and craft - approximately £19/bottle. This includes cosmetics certification, required by law.

To help with this, I offer the first batch of this fragrance at cost.

For just £5.00 now, you can secure your order; the remainder of £14.00 + delivery due in October when the fragrance is debuted. This offer is limited to the first 20 pre-orders.

Your contribution helps local arts and crafts develop; it helps me gauge interest, produce adequate stocks, and I most definitely welcome the funds to help certify and create new, elegant perfumes.

Thank you in advance for your patronage.

Please use the chat function on this site, or email to discuss international orders to the shipped outside of the UK.